Helix Simultaneously Resurrects Up to 3 Dead Devices

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Lenmar LogoLenmar Enterprises has released their newest solution for portable power, The Helix. It is the first product created specifically for Lenmar’s Undead Power, a campaign started by the company back in February of this year.

Lenmar-Helix-chargeProducts supporting Undead Power feature the green double helix, inspired by the structure of DNA. The Helix packs 11,000 mAh of battery power and three USB ports.

Two of the ports push 1 Amp, while the third’s output is 2.4 Amps. The Helix can single-handedly charge up a tablet and two additional devices, like your smartphone and Bluetooth earpiece.

As today’s digital devices become more powerful and portable, we increasingly find how the energy demands can be inconvenient. Don’t run out of power while you’re commuting, traveling, or heading out for a jog.

The Helix is lightweight and easily fits in bags, backpacks, briefcases, and purses for recharging on-the-go. Prevent your devices from staying Dead by making them Undead.

To become part of the Undead Team, purchase yours today on



<Source: prnewswire>

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