Google Now arrives for the iPhone and iPad

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Google Now

Google Now is no longer exclusive to Android. It’s now a part of the regular Google Search application for iOS. Google Now for iOS brings a lot of the same features Android users have been enjoying for months. It can update you on sports scores, track your packages, provide flight information, alert you about traffic on your route and a lot more. However, unlike Android, the Google search app on iOS must be opened before you can use it. Siri is still the default voice assistant. 

Siri can do things that Google Now cannot. For example, system level functions such as setting reminders or taking notes can’t be done on the iOS version. These features exist on Android. Google Now for iOS is a good search companion though. You can use the voice search function to look up locations and ask certain kinds of questions.

If your online life is pretty much tied to Google, then Google Now is a great tool to have. It constantly uses information you supply to Google to present you with relevant information in useful and creepy ways.

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