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swype logoBefore you ask, yes I wrote this review using Swype.

I’ve read about various methods of swipe input since purchasing my Nexus 7, even though I’ve been perfectly happy with tap input. However, when I saw that Swype was out of beta and on sale for only $0.99, I decided I didn’t have any excuse not to try it.

I’m impressed! It took almost no time to get used to the new input, and it’s eerily accurate. I find that I can even get pretty sloppy with my swipes, and it still figures out what I want to say.

What about speed? Absolutely no comparison to tap input. I estimate I’m almost twice as fast and far more accurate. I’m still getting used to some of the shortcuts, and I only just got used to trusting it to add spaces, which it does well.

For the odd word that you just know Swype doesn’t have in memory, like my name the first time I entered it, you can still tap. There’s also a big number pad for those times you just need to enter numbers.

One particularly nice feature is that when you see a typo, you can position your cursor back next to a word, and Swype will give you different options. No need to go back and swipe/tap again.

There is one feature I miss from Thumb Keyboard, my previous input method of choice. Cursor positioning buttons. I’m only sort of accurate with cursor positioning on Android, and it’s one feature I prefer in iOS. If Swype added those, the app would be just about perfect. Of course since I’m so much more accurate with Swype, I might get to the point where I don’t need them.

Swype does make going back to text input on my iPhone a painful thing.

Next test for Swype? Writing an entire story using it. Good thing I’ve got one I just started. I’m excited to see how it works.

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  • Cliff Kushler

    You can get to the “Edit layer” by Swyping from the “Swype key” (lower left corner) to the Symbols layer key immediately to its right. You should find everything you are looking for…

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