Jawbone Integrates UP with Best-in-Class Services

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Jawbone today announced its UP Platform for iOS and unveiled 10 apps that have integrated with UP. Jawbone also announced it will soon open the API for others to integrate services with UP or build entirely new experiences.

Jawbone UpThis is good news for developers and consumers, as the open platform will expand the experience and monitoring with UP.

Jawbone teamed up with a variety of lifestyle, workout, food and other health tracking services, so you can get the most out of the apps you already love and discover new ones.

Beginning today, the UP app version 2.5 for iOS enables you to integrate any of these 10 best-in-class services: IFTTT, LoseIt!, Maxwell Health, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal, Notch, unKeeper, Sleepio, Wello and Withings.

You’ll be able to log runs, track eating and sleeping data, create and achieve goals, and set up workouts.

Once connected with an app through UP, you can view your activity from UP and any partner app in your feed, lifeline, and trends.

“UP is about knowing yourself,” said Travis Bogard, Vice President of Product Management and
Strategy at Jawbone. “The platform allows our community to create extremely personal experiences
tailored to their lifestyles and goals, and enhance the apps they’re already using. And, our unique
approach to building an API with bi-directional data sharing benefits developers and partners as they
seek to reach new customers and design experiences that weren’t before possible. The UP platform is
another step in building a broader ecosystem that helps people everywhere live healthier lives.”



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