MirrorCase For iPad Now Available on Kickstarter

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Mirrorcase-logoThe MirrorCase for iPad has just launched on Kickstarter, and it may prove to be very popular with iPad owners who are looking for a smart and functional case. The MirrorCase is a multi-functional ergonomic case that lets you use the rear camera while the iPad is horizontal.

This can be useful for such situations such as classes, seminars, lectures, or presentations where you would want to review a video of it later on.

Mirrorcase-frontThe case itself has an easy-adjusting kickstand which can be set in 6 different positions. You’ll be able to position your iPad at the ideal viewing angle while you’re recording or taking photos. The mirror is adjustable with the side thumb wheel. The mirror also features Gorilla Glass and anti-reflective coating.

The MirrorCase has a smart lid, which protects your iPad’s display as well as waking and sleeping the device when the lid is opened or closed. The acoustic port redirects sound to the user, so you no longer have to cup the rear of your iPad to hear sound or media. The case even has a built-in storage compartment so you can hold your pen, pencil, or stylus.

This is seriously an innovative case, and it’s available now as a preorder through Kickstarter. Visit for more information, and the MirrorCase Kickstarter page to pledge as a backer!

Also, check out our review of RHP Media’s first model MirrorCase for iPhone 4/4S.

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  • John

    Nice design :) Makes it much easier to use the camera on the back of your iPad. You can lay your iPad down on your desk and record on your iPad what is in front of you. Great for recording lectures and seminars. It looks like they are developing an app that will allow you to take notes at the same time you are recording the video. Quite cool…