Toshiba Intros WT310 Business Tablet With Windows 8 Pro and Full HD Screen

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Toshiba WT310Toshiba has been quite the busy bee of late, unveiling a hybrid and a really stunning 13-inch ultrabook in the space of just one week. Now, half a month later, we’re glad to welcome another Toshiba-made Windows 8 fellow, this time targeted towards business tech users.

Despite being a little more plain-looking than both the Portege Z10t and KIRAbook at a first glance, the WT310 is no pushover, running Windows 8 Pro out the box and boasting an 11.6-inch anti-glare Full HD screen.

The thing is apparently a tablet and nothing else, but chances are you’re going to be able to easily turn it into an ultrabook of sorts courtesy of a mystery optional dock. The WT310’s spec sheet includes goodies like an Intel Core processor, SSD, HDMI, SD card slot, USB 3.0, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and optional LTE, though the details are slim on the CPU’s exact model, storage space or RAM size.

Toshiba is hush-hush on pricing too, but with the tablet slated for a UK (and likely US) release during Q2, it shouldn’t be long until seeing all of the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. For now, let’s not forget to mention the WT310 is also set to come with a Digitizer Pen and plenty of business and security-oriented pre-loaded software, like the Trusted Platform Module and Intel Anti-Theft.


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