Rumor: Second-Gen Microsoft Surface 2 Tablets Coming in June in 7 and 9-Inch Flavors

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Microsoft_SurfaceRumors of one or several follow-ups to Microsoft’s semi-failed Surface tablets have been floating around for a while, but until now no one has had the guts and credible sources to talk specifics. But you can always count on Digitimes and their doubtful “industry insiders” to take the risks of making predictions when everyone else is cautious.

And according to the latest word around the Digitimes street, the second-generation Surface tablets will be introduced to the world at Microsoft’s Build Developer conference, scheduled for June 26-28.

Naturally, the actual commercial launches are to take place several weeks or even months after that particular event, while in terms of specs and features the only things “known” about the new tab duo are the screen sizes – 7 and 9 inches.

That would mark a major strategy shift for Microsoft, whose first Surface tabs (both the RT and Pro) were clearly targeted against Apple’s large iPads by boasting 10.6-inch panels.

Though Digitimes doesn’t mention anything about it, the Windows 8.1 Blue announcement could also be due for late June, in which case the two new Surface slates would likely come with the OS on board. That’s definitely intriguing, but please, Microsoft, understand that you can’t make any headway in the tab market if you keep your gadgets’ prices so much higher than the competition’s!


<Source: Digitimes>

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