YouTube Capture is Faster and More Data Friendly

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YouTube Capture YouTube Capture received a pretty decent update today. The app is now at version 1.3, and it now has high definition enhancement previews before uploading, the option to only upload videos while on Wi-Fi, a timer that tells you how long it’ll take a video to upload and general bug fixes.

The most significant feature is the enhancement preview. YouTube Capture gives you the option of automatically applying certain enhancements to your video such as stabilization and color correction. Before today, you just had to trust the video would turn out better than how you shot it. In some instances, the resulted video would be worse. It’s great to be able to see what you’re in for before making a commitment.

The option to only upload over Wi-Fi is long overdue. With the majority of today’s data restrictions, it’s not a good idea to upload a high definition video over a cellular network. This option is turned off by default, so make you change that after applying the update.

You also may notice some speed enhancements. The was never slow to begin with, but adding a little horsepower is always welcome.

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