Casetop Turns Any Smartphone Into a Laptop, Now on Kickstarter

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Lividesign LogoRemember the Clambook by Clamcase? I do. But it never came out in Fall 2012 like they originally planned and who knows when that product will ever be available.

Freshly launched on Kickstarter is a similar concept – the Casetop, an ambitious project by the good people at Lividesign. The Casetop wants to be the accessory for smartphones and we think it has a serious shot at doing so.

CasetopThe Casetop is compatible with any Smartphone that has a video out option and Bluetooth. Plug in your phone, which then turns into the trackpad, and the Casetop provides a 11.1 inch 720p HD LED backlit LCD screen with full keyboard.

The Casetop features a built-in battery pack that can also charge up your phone and keep you running longer. Since all of the processing power and hardware is supplied by your own phone, it lets the Casetop be lighter, less expensive, while having a large battery capacity.

The entire product will be made from polycarbonate. If a part breaks, you can simply get a replacement. But $250 for a Casetop sounds pretty darn reasonable. The drawback? They’re looking to reach a $300k funding goal.

You already have a kick-ass smartphone, so why not enjoy the simplicity of a large beautiful  LCD screen, smooth polycarbonate body, and a huge battery?

So hit up their Kickstarter page and see how you can turn your smartphone into a laptop!

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