Leaked: Alleged First Photo of 5.5-Inch LG Optimus G2 Smartphone

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LG Optimus G2And the award for busiest bee in the Android hive goes to… LG. The Koreans might not have Samsung’s easily recognizable brand name and impressive smartphone market share, but God knows they’re trying.

Some might even say they’re trying too hard. Case in point, the Optimus G2, the company’s alleged next flagship handheld. This will follow on the footsteps of the still very fresh G Pro, and, if we are to trust notorious leaker @evleaks, it’s going to look like that humongous beauty at the beginning of this post.

The pictured device is almost certainly a 5.5-incher, but, knowing LG’s recent track record, that doesn’t necessarily mean the whole world is going to get the same phablet-sized monster. The thing’s spec sheet is pretty much an enigma, but let’s focus a little more on that image.

Specifically, on the phone’s bezels. Do you like what you see? Because I sure do. There don’t seem to be any buttons on the bottom and the borders, especially the vertical ones, are crazy slim. You can only see the device from the front, but it’s obviously very thin too, so all in all this pic should make a lot of folks drool over it in the next few months.

That’s right, I said months, because, regardless of how hard LG is trying to keep busy, the G2 is only to be unveiled in the fall. In the meantime, the Optimus G Pro remains one sexy, zippy beast.


<Source: The Droid Guy via @evLeaks>

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