Acer Confirms 10-Inch Iconia A3 Tablet Is in the Works, Plans to Sell 10 Million Slates in 2013

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Acer-Iconia-A1There’s been a storm of news and rumors regarding Acer’s stronger and stronger tablet line-up lately, but it appears the Taiwanese are not looking to weather said storm. Instead, they seem to want to build additional hype, with one of the company’s execs revealing there’s a 10-inch Iconia A3 in the works.

That’s in addition to the already launched B1, the upgraded B1 and the A1, with all four being powered by Android and marketed as budget alternatives for Apple’s iPad and iPad Mini. At least that’s what we think will be the marketing strategy for the A3, because right now there’s no word on the thing’s specs, features or price points.

We have nothing on a release timeframe either, although there’s a good chance the A3 will be out and about by the end of June. Furthermore, Acer seems to trust the 10-incher greatly, as the company’s target is to push out around 2 million units by the end of the year.

Acer has already sold roughly 1.5 million Iconia B1s, a number that the Taiwanese think could be doubled by year-end. As for the 7.9-inch A1, that looks like the pack leader on paper, with a target set at no less than 5 million sales during 2013. If the forecasts prove accurate, the grand total would be of 10 million slates sold, which is bold, but not impossible, right?


<Source: Android Beat>

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