Samsung Galaxy: a 32 GB S4 Coming to AT&T on May 10 for $250 with Contract

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Samsung-Galaxy-S4Samsung’s Galaxy S4 started selling a good seven or ten days ago with three out of four major American carriers, but I’m sure there are many GS4 cravers that decided to hold out on the “next big thing” for the time being. And not (just) because the 5-incher is yet to be sold by Verizon, or because it has very solid competition from the HTC One.

But also because AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile only have the 16 GB GS4 in stock, a version that apparently has a mere 8.8 gigs of free, usable storage space.

Sure, the S4 does come with microSD support, so you can expand the memory, but what if you don’t want to? Or what if you just need a little extra room to install apps?

Well, fret not, as AT&T will be coming to your rescue in just three days’ time. The 32 GB GS4 will be available on the network starting May 10 and it won’t even be that expensive – $249.99 with two-year contracts, which is just $50 more than the 16 GB model.

Naturally, we don’t know exactly how much of that space will be usable, but we’re guessing you’ll be getting at least 20 gigs of free memory, which should be more than enough to go around. Your move, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon!


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