Bill Gates says tablet users are “frustrated.” But are we really?

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mobile-device-frustrationThe Guardian had an interesting article about Bill Gates and his prediction that iOS and Android tablet users would be switching to Surface tablets because we’re frustrated.

Really? According to Gates, Apple and Android tablet users are frustrated because they “can’t type, they can’t create documents, they don’t have [Microsoft] Office there.”

Raise your hand if you’re frustrated by the lack of those options? Uh huh. Kind of what I thought.

I can type just fine on my tablets, using a small Bluetooth keyboard. No, it doesn’t attach to my tablets. but that’s fine with me. I own multiple tablets, for different purposes, and the same keyboard works on all of them. When I buy a new tablet, the same keyboard will work. No need to buy a special keyboard dock.

Can’t create documents? Really? I’ve got plenty of apps to create documents, and counting the price of all of them, they were a fraction of the cost of Microsoft Office. The apps sync just fine with Dropbox, so I’ve got them where I need them. Not frustrated at all.

And don’t get me started on Microsoft Office. I only use it on my desktop computer because Open Office wasn’t quite compatible enough to exchange documents with clients. If I didn’t need the ability to share with them, I’d still be Office-less. I’m frustrated with the need to use Office, not my lack of it.

I understand that Gates wants to build interest and excitement for Surface tablets. I’m sure they are the right devices for certain people and applications. But the iPad and Android tablets work quite well for millions of users. Why not talk about real reasons why we should consider switching instead of made-up crap?

Ironic note. When I went hunting for an image for this post, I only found one that combined frustration and a tablet. Guess how many I found for PC frustration? 😉

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  • sce

    ” I’ve got plenty of apps to create documents”

    this is nonsense.

    The apps for android and IOS you’re talking about are no more than toys compared to office, and they are extremely userunfriendly.

  • Juli Monroe

    If Android and iOS apps don’t do what you need them to do, then fine. I did say that Surface tablets met the needs of some users.

    But when I say that “I have the apps I need,” I know what I’m talking about for myself. The apps I use do everything I need and are perfectly usable, for me.

  • j burke

    Kingsoft’s Office Suite for Android serves my purposes just fine-both for Tablet as well as phone. I use Linux Peppermint on laptop and use LibreOffice with outstanding compatibility with MS product line. Like the author, I find it useful to have MS around in the instance when I am forced by external forces to go that route for compatibility to those still noosed by MS, but those issues are increasingly fewer as time goes on.
    While I understand Mr Gates is going to, naturally, be a cheerleader for his former Company, his analysis is flawed. The users today are much brighter then 20 years ago, and the frustration-if any-is that those in Redmond still believe the world still sees MS products as the gold-standard and de facto only option. Those days, Mr Gates, are gone forever–and with them your former Company’s corner on the market. If MS cannot adapt to that reality and compete, they will soon find themselves suffering the Blackberry fate.

  • Kate Rawlins

    OMG – I love my tablet – it’s grown into my hip ! Sure, it’s a TOY, but so much more – Pages, Dragon, Library books galore, newspapers, Netflix, and a million games to come and go !