App Review: Snoopify for Android Smartphone

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Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 4.01.28 PMI just couldn’t see this one slip by without a proper write-up. Also, this review serves me as an excuse to embarrass my co-worker while on the clock (continue reading please) — and well, to be blunt if you will, because Snoop Doggy Dogg is and has always been awesome.

Our sister site Teleread's editor, Mr. Dan Eldridge.

Keepin’ it real with my homie Dan Eldridge.

Launched on Tuesday, the Snoop Dogg (pardon me, Snoop Lion) design team has provided us tech-nerds and fans with yet another means of wasting time on our mobile devices. But unlike Snoop’s last foray into the smart device realm, with Snoop Reincarnated (a companion to his album of the same name,) Snoopify is about some good, clean (well, as clean as you’d expect) fun.

Your's truly, humbly swagged out.

Your’s truly, humbly swagged out.

It’s a pretty simple photo sharing app. Select a picture from your device’s gallery or snap one from inside the app and decorate them with various Snoop-related ‘stickers.’ As you’d expect, a dashboard of items, cleverly accessed by clicking the trunk of a Caddy, includes a wide selection of tropes, images, phrases and motifs associated with the entertainer.

You get a nice little batch to start from — you know, the Snoop Dogg staples: a pair of shades, a marijuana leaf, a fistful of cash, a lit joint, Snoop’s classic blue flannel, grape soda, a dog house — you get the idea.

Additional items such as a brown-paper bagged tallboy of malt liquor, a dog collar, various hats, shades and other attire are available via in-app purchases, though at the time of this article’s publication that action was still unavailable.

My awesome cat, Niles.

Snoop Doggy Cat? My boy, Niles.

Once you’ve Snoopified yourself or a buddy, you can save it back to your device’s internal photo library, send it out via email or text message or upload it to the usual social media suspects; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The app is free from the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

Bonus: you can upload your Snoopified images to the app’s dedicated Tumblr page. You can bet I submitted a few of my creations. Let’s see yours!

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