Dashclock Lockscreen Widget for Android Jelly Bean Devices

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DashClockOne of the advantages to Android Jelly Bean is the lock screen widget capability. I just discovered a cool app that gives you even more options.

DashClock Widget gives you a clock and lots more. There are numerous extensions for the widget to give you a wide range of options: from missed calls, text messages, upcoming appointments, weather conditions, battery conditions and lots more.

DashClock widget

Some apps, like Feedly, work directly with Dashclock. Other extensions must be downloaded directly from Google Play.

Adding new extensions is easy and done directly from the widget settings, which you can access from the lock screen itself.

Add extensions

There’s not a lot to it, but it’s easy to set up, and I’m enjoying having more information on my lock screen. It saves me scrolling back and forth through multiple widgets. I used to have three or four on my screen. Now I’m down to just the one.

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