Babblr, Chat Client for Tumblr is in High Demand

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Tumblr has seen tremendous growth over the last year, and is drawing apps and platforms to better optimize the blogging and social experience. Most recently, Babblr an in-dashboard chat client was released for users to chat with friends directly in Tumblr.

“As big fans of Tumblr, we love all it has to offer, but like many other users, felt that it was missing the ability to instantly chat,” said Trevor Clarke, Babblr’s Co-Founder.

Babblr has already become so popular, it currently isn’t taking any new users. If you visit the company page, you will find the error message: We’re experiencing extremely high usage, and cannot accept any new users. We regret this inconvenience. Please check back soon.

Brandon, Babblr’s other co-founder recently posted on the company’s Tumblr:

“Our site went from a small little blog to the size of Mashable overnight. We have been in talks with Firebase to increase the servers and make this a really big site. All is looking good. :)”

It seems Babblr is already finding tremendous success. With Tumblr already becoming more than just a blogging platform, but a social network giant blogging platforms like are following suit, allowing users to follow their favorite blogs, creating a live feed of recent posts.

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