YouTube Now Has Paid Subscriptions

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The days of watching everything on YouTube for free has come to an end. Fortunately, the change is only on a small scale. YouTube introduced paid subscriptions today for a select number of channels. For as little as $0.99 a month, you can choose to subscribe to a content creator’s content just like you currently do with free channels. You can also check out each channel for 14 days for free before the subscription costs kick in.

YouTube described the kind of premium content we can expect to see in a blog post. Sesame Street for example will offer full episodes for its subscribers and UFC will show classic fights on its channel. Other channels that currently offer paid subscriptions include Laugh Factory VIP, Jim Henson Family TV, Pets.TV, National Geographic Kids and TNA Wrestling Plus.

Subscriptions can only be confirmed on a computer, but content can be watched immediately on computers or mobile devices. We’ll be able to subscribe to paid channels from a mobile device in the future.

YouTube’s paid subscriptions has potential. If it can get access to popular content people recognize and want to see, viewers should have no problem paying a few dollars every month for full episodes and exclusive videos.

Source [YouTube Blog]

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