Watch out Samsung! BBC Watchdog is on to you

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Slashgear is reporting that the BBC program, Watchdog, is going to take on the Samsung Galaxy 4, presumably for its storage kerfuffle. You know, the fact that the Galaxy 4 supposedly has 16GB of storage, but it so filled with bloatware that you only have half of that available out of the box.

Here’s the teaser video for the next episode:

Of course, you can easily remove the bloatware to free up memory, and Samsung has pointed out that the Galaxy 4 has micro-SD card capability, but I still have to applaud Watchdog. Why should I pay for extra storage just because manufacturers want to add a bunch of stuff I don’t want. Not every smartphone user is a power user and realizes how to uninstall bloatware. And I’m of the opinion that we shouldn’t have to. A few apps? Fine. But half the available storage? Come on, Samsung. You can do better than that.

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