Pocket Informant Offering a Major Upgrade for Both iOS and Android

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Pocket Informant iconIf you’ve been reading my stuff for a while, you know how big a fan I am of Pocket Informant for calendar and task management. So it won’t surprise you that I was delighted to learn they had a huge upgrade available.

PI3 is not a free upgrade. You’ll have to pay for it, but I think you’ll be happy if you do. Once you get through the learning curve.

Right now I only have it on my Android devices. It’s been submitted to iTunes, but as of this writing, it’s not been approved yet.

When I say “learning curve,” I mean it. The 3.0 version of the app looks and acts completely differently from version 2. It’s so different that my first impression was something like, “What the f**k did they just do to me!?!?”

Some screen shots, to give you an idea of how big a change it is.

The Today Screen in version 2.

Today in Version 2

And in version 3

Today in Version 3

The Month view in Version 2

Month Version 2

And in version 3

Month Version 3

See what I mean? Significantly different. Reading the reviews on Google Play, there are a lot of people who aren’t happy with the changes, but now that I’ve figured out how to sort and filter my tasks the way I want them, I’m liking the new look.

They say they’ve completely redesigned the code, and it does feel snappy. Syncs do happen quickly. I like seeing a small calendar view at the top of all the views. I didn’t miss it in previous versions, but now that it’s there, I like it. Editing items is easy, although I had to get used to up/down swipes to change months instead of left/right. Some consistency would be nice, too. In Week view, you swipe left/right to change weeks.

Now that I’m getting used to it, I really like the look, especially in Today view, which is where I spend most of my time and never liked. The “look of a paper planner” never did it for me, and it wasted space. Every inch of screen real estate is used now, and that’s a good thing. It’s easy to re-size various elements, so you can get it to look and act pretty much how you like.

I have found a few bugs, like my June events weren’t visible in Month view, but were there in Day views. Turning off Tasks in Month view (which took me a while to find) solved that problem. Oddly enough, May and July events were visible. Go figure.

The biggest problem with the app right now is lack of documentation. There’s still no user’s manual, and it’s needed. This app is so different that I’m still having trouble figuring out how to make it work the way I want. I’ve been able to figure out almost everything I need (mostly by tapping stuff and experimenting), but a quick run through a user’s manual would probably help me find features I’m missing.

If you’re looking for a simple app, this isn’t it. But if you want one you can customize how you want and that can do almost anything, it’s still a great productivity app.

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  • Matthew Brown

    I have written a User’s Guide, in collaboration with the developers of Pocket Informant. You can find it at

    It covers the pratical side of PI but – more importantly – the THEORY behind how we should organize our productivity systems.

    Please let me know if you have any comments.

    Best regards,