Leaked: Nokia Lumia 925 ‘Catwalk’ Picture, Is There Anything Left Up Nokia’s Sleeve?

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Nokia Lumia 925Nokia did a pretty decent job in building up hype ahead of the mystery May 14 London event to a certain extent, but at one point the buzz just started dropping and it’s now close to hitting a critical low.

The Verizon-exclusive Lumia 928 became official a few days ago sans much fanfare, while the 925 (aka Catwalk) and 625 had most of its specs leak out earlier last week. Furthermore, the Lumia 925 has moments ago had its first press shot (ev)leaked, so there’s a good chance Nokia has nothing left up its sleeve to surprise us tomorrow.

But let’s see what this “Catwalk” is all about, shall we? Well, in all honesty, its list of features is still not completely uncovered, though several tipsters told us the thing will basically be a sleeker, more elegant version of the Lumia 920 and 928, with possibly also a better camera.

A 41 MP PureView sensor is thus in the cards for the Lumia 925, while its chassis is likely to be made of strong aluminum. That unfortunately means non-removable battery and possibly no microSD slot. The display is probably going to be a 4.5-incher with a 720p resolution, while beneath the hood Nokia will play it modestly once again, with just a dual-core S4 CPU.

Though there’s no carrier-specific branding to be seen in the leaked Nokia Catwalk pic, the phone is said to be only headed T-Mobile’s way in the States. All things considered, will you be tuning in tomorrow for Nokia’s London event or do you think you’ve heard enough already?


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