Google Introduces Unified Cross-Platform Messaging Service, Hangouts

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Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 3.46.43 PMAlthough we had thought it would be called “Babel,” Google did do something about its various chat platforms and their lacking synergies. On Wednesday during the company’s annual I/O developer’s conference, they (among many other things) introduced Google “Hangouts.”

Made available for iOS and Android mobile operating systems and on the web via a special Chrome extension, Hangouts is replacing Google Talk, Google+ Messenger, Chat and other Google communication services in the near future.

Hangouts lets users personalize each conversation, giving each an individual name and attributes, regardless who or how many people are involved, also regardless of whether it is a video chat or text. It creates more of a classic chatroom experience, where friends can step in and out as they please. Also, chats will be automatically saved to be viewed later, including any images or files that were transferred during.

All Hangouts will be stored in Google’s cloud, enabling it to be synced easily and from anywhere — regardless, for example, if you join on your desktop and your buddy uses their mobile device.

Try it out now from Play Store or iOS App Store.

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