Measure and Track Your Focus with Melon Headband

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melon-logoEveryone has their own individual learning styles. Everyone also has different hours during the day where focus and concentration are better. Or worse. Sometimes we can tell when those peak times are, but not necessarily with any real precision.

What if you could tell how well you perform in certain environments doing different activities at different times? What if you can gain insight into how your mind works by tracking your focus during any activity you choose. Well, the guessing is about to be over.

Now on Kickstarter is the Melon project. Melon is a headband and mobile app duo that tracks and helps you improve your focus in relation to your activity, your environment, your emotions, and any other behavior you want to track.

Melon appThe Melon headband is a wireless brain-sensing device that uses EEG (electroencephalography) to measure your brain activity.

From this activity, the app runs algorithms detect your focus, and that data gives you personalized feedback on how to improve.

Input tags indicate activity, environment, behavior, and more. Wear the headband to monitor focus and learn what affects it.

Learn what helps and hurts your focus. Evaluate trends and gain insight at the end of sessions.

Visit the Melon Kickstarter page for more information, to read up on the science behind the Melon, and to set your pledge!

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