Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Tipped to Come with Familiar Plastic Design Instead of Costly Metal

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Samsung-Galaxy-Note-3It’s nearly impossible to not fall in love with Samsung’s Galaxy S4 at first sight, but if by some chance you don’t it’s probably because of the thing’s plastic body. I’m not going to open that Pandora’s Box and re-start the age-old metal vs. plastic debate, but let’s face it – at first glance, HTC’s One, with its glorious aluminum exterior, is much sexier than the GS4.

Which is why I’m pretty shocked to hear Sammy is not planning to mix things up starting with the Galaxy Note 3. Instead, the company’s next “next big thing” will apparently still come in fantastic plastic.

Why is that? Well, if we are to give credence to Sam Mobile’s “tipsters”, the Galaxy makers are afraid they can’t handle the production rhythm required by the market. As you may know already, it’s far more difficult to manufacture a phone out of aluminum than it is to make it from plastic, so you need both extra time and human resources.

Of course, Samsung can always expand, hire more people and open some extra factories, but that would significantly narrow down the company’s profit margins. And we wouldn’t want that, would we?

Oh, well, even if the GNote 3 is to come with a plasticky exterior, chances are people will love it. And that’s because the beast is said to sport a 5.99-inch Full HD AMOLED screen, plus an octa-core Exynos processor, a 13 MP rear camera and a heap of other goodies.


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  • Brett

    Could care less what the backing is made of, it’s what’s inside that counts. A gold plated turd is still just a turd. I for one will be laughing at anyone who bought an HTC one because of “how it looks”.

  • Jimmy Drew

    Fine and dandy. Bigger battery and a screen I can see outside. I’ll buy it full price.