Sony and E Ink are Making a Digital Paper Notepad and it Looks Awesome (Video)

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I’m an all day note-taker — my day or week’s itinerary, messages to give to someone else, story ideas, ramblings, etc. Unfortunately I’m also a bit of a messy — well, unorganized person, I admit. And as you may guess, these two personality traits usually add up, for me, to lots of unorganized, folded pieces of paper in my pockets or around my house and office, also a library of notebooks of compiled thoughts and ideas with real order.

So needless to say, I’m anticipating Sony’s A4-sized (8.3-inches x 11.7-inches) digital paper slate to be rather beneficial in my life. Unveiled last week, their ongoing collaborative project using E Ink’s latest flexible Mobius technology provided a prototype that weighs only 358-grams. And at only 6.8mm thick, with a 1200×1600 pixel display, portability is key, though usability is not to be compromised.

The device was demoed at the Educational IT Solutions Expo in Tokyo this week. Check out the video below, grabbed by

Impressive, right? Special for the device, Sony created a high-precision thin film that can handle E Ink digital writing capabilities, omitting glass material — along with choosing a plastic bezel and casing to keep the device lightweight and very portable. It uses a stylus to write at a comparable thickness to a normal ballpoint pen. There’s no word on specs, pricing or wireless connectivity yet.

Sony has the next-generation classroom assistant targeted at school systems worldwide, perhaps with a potential to replace traditional paper notebooks altogether. Of course, not immediately. But the functionality is clearly available and that’s exciting. With technology such as this, packing a battery life of about three weeks I should add, it seems pointless to waste paper any longer.

It’s easy to see what my opinion about all this is — how do you think the future for E Ink note books is looking?



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