BlinkyTape Reinvents the Portable LED Strip

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Blinkiverse logoLED lights are pretty popular these days. From indoor/outdoor string lights, flashlights, and bulbs, they provide a consistent output that’s both pleasing and sometimes entertaining. But a company called Blinkiverse is taking LED lights to the next level, right on Kickstarter.

Their new project, which funded in under 48 hours, is the BlinkyTape. BlinkyTape is a flexible and portable LED strip with 60 pixels and integrated BlinkyBoard USB-programmable light processor.

BlinkyTape doesn’t have the tedium of programming, powering, and enclosing the LED lights. Power and communications are provided by a built-in micro-USB connector and an on-board button allows for simple interactions such as choosing between effects.

BlinkyTapeSince the strip is flexible and encased in weatherproof silicone, it can be molded into different shapes and used safely outdoors.

Patterns are stored on the tape so you don’t need a computer; Just a simple USB battery pack is all you need.

The BlinkyTape comes with a rich set of companion software that run cross-platform on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. Creating custom animations is as easy as plugging the BlinkyTape into your computer and starting PatternPaint. The programming is easy and there are plenty of example codes to try out.

For more information and to back the project, visit the BlinkyTape Kickstarter page.


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