Android Games Sales on Track to Exceed Traditional Handhelds

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How many of you have abandoned a handheld gaming system for tablet/smartphone gaming? You’re not alone.

App Annie just released its Q1 report on mobile gaming, and iOS and Android gaming is growing, while handheld gaming has declined significantly. Here’s the chart
IDC gaming chart

That’s significant growth for smartphone/tablet gaming and a serious decline for handheld consoles. While they warn that seasonality played a part in the handheld decline, they also note this doesn’t include ad revenue. Since many gaming apps work on a “freemium” model, where you buy the game for free and then make in-app purchases, the real smartphone/tablet gaming revenue was likely much higher.

They note that gaming accounts for approximately 40% of app downloads and that Google Play revenue is driven by gaming more than iOS, hence why they are predicting that Google Play will exceed gaming handhelds in Q2 of 2013.

This matches our household trend. Both my husband and I used to own various Nintendo devices. We sold or gave them away last year, and all our gaming is on our tablets. I currently game more on my iPad than my Nexus7 or Nook HD, but that varies depending on what game I’m playing.

Anyone else moving in the same direction?

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