Rumor: Android 4.2 Update for HTC One Is Just Around the Corner, “Senseless” One Also Coming

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HTC_OneIt’s fairly easy to become a “leaker” of “inside information” in the digital age, but the truth is believable sources with legit, strong connections are very hard to come by in today’s tech world. And yet there are a few.

For instance, Twitter user @LlabTooFer. You can’t say he leaks info for a living, as @evleaks does, but he surely knows his HTC-related intel. In fact, I’m pretty sure he’s never missed the mark with a rumor concerning the Taiwanese OEM, be it one on a device launch or software update.

And this time he claims to have info on an incoming Android 4.2 bump for HTC’s One. The 4.7-inch smartphone is HTC’s current pack leader, but it’s stuck on 4.1 Jelly Bean ever since its release. Sure, 4.1 is not the worst Android version you can rock nowadays, but 4.2 is still (a tad) cooler.

Now, if we are to trust @LlabTooFer, the HTC One will be getting a software makeover in about two, three weeks’ time.

But wait, there’s more. Apparently, HTC is planning to intro in the near future a second One. Uhm, I mean another One. Oh, you know what I mean. This “Senseless” version will allegedly ditch HTC’s Sense UI and come with pure, stock, vanilla Android. Basically, like Samsung’s Galaxy S4 “Google Edition”. How cool would that be?


<Source: Android Authority>

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