Pleygo, Rental Lego Service for Kids

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pleygoAs a kid, playing with Legos was both fun and educational. Even now, I use them to help my son continue to develop his motor skills. Legos are often used by adults as a way to use nostalgia for a simple concept.

Since Netflix is a big hit, a new company Pleygo is playing off the concept as a rental service for Lego sets.

“As a mother, I always try to reduce screen time for my son, which is why I love Legos,” explains Elina, Co-founder of Pleygo. “Not only do Legos enhance my son’s cognitive development and motor skills, they allow us to bond as a family.”

With the price of Legos becoming more expensive, Pleygo caters to families who want to trade their old sets for new ones at an affordable price. It’s also an eco-friendly way to recycle toys in a safe and clean way. The company donates 10 percent of the proceeds to a non-profit organization which promotes creativity in children through play.

The way it works is you choose a plan–there are plans between $15 and $39 from smaller sets to sets with over 5400 pieces. You can also choose an unlimited plan for $21 per month with free shipping. You then create a wishlist of sets your child wants to play with. Once you receive the first set and your child plays with it, you send it back via US mail, and Pleygo sends you the next set on your child’s wish list.

Your child can also participate in the company’s X Prize contest, where you can submit a photo of their creation for a prize if they win.

Neat concept!

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  • Linda Person

    This is an awesome service. I have two boys that get Lego for gifts all the time and they love it. We spent so much on the damn toy that this should be a real saver! thanks for letting us know.