Flickr Makes a Comeback With New Design and 1 Terabyte of Free Storage

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Yahoo has made a couple bold moves in an effort to make Flickr the premier destination for storing and sharing photographs. Flickr user’s homepages have been completely redesigned to make the photos more prominent than ever. There’s also a spot to upload a profile feature and a customizable banner. It’s reminiscent of Facebook timelines. The second big announcement is everyone gets 1 terabyte of free storage. This much storage ensures Flickr users are able to upload high resolution photos so they can be viewed the way the photographer meant for them to be. 1080p video uploads up to three minutes are also supported. Lastly, Flickr has updated its Android application. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be compatible with the Nexus 7.

No other major player in the online storage space, be it Google or Microsoft, offers a terabyte of free storage. Google gives users a maximum of 15GB to use towards photos at full resolution. Photos can continue to be uploaded past the 15GB limit, but their resolution will be reduced. Other cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Box have gotten pretty generous with free storage, but they don’t have a focus on pictures like Flickr does.

These changes will make Flickr even more attractive to photographers that just want a nice way to store and share their photos.

Source [Flickr Blog]


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