Leaked: Alleged Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Pics and Full Spec Sheet

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Samsung Galaxy S4 ActiveOkay, this is officially getting exhausting! Not to mention annoying. I’m talking about the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active/Mini/Zoom/Mega rumor bonanza, which doesn’t look like it’s nearing an end.

Fortunately, at least as far as the GS4 Active is concerned, chances are there’s not much left to be speculated on. And that’s because the beast has been allegedly caught on camera, with GSM Arena showing the thing to the entire world in all its glory.

As expected, the Active looks a lot like the original Galaxy S4, but thankfully there are a few original twists to the phone’s design too. For one thing, the back cover is coated in bright red, which makes the 5-incher look devilishly sexy.

Furthermore, the three buttons located below the display (menu, home and back) have gotten physical, while the bezels are still extremely thin.

As for the spec sheet, that’s obviously unconfirmed at the moment, but based on GSM Arena’s inside sources and a screenshot of an AnTuTu benchmark, we can assume the Active will pack the same features as the GS4, save for the 13 MP camera, which will reportedly be downsized to an 8 MP unit.

That doesn’t sound so hot, but remember, the S4 Active will come with water and dust protection in tow, so on the whole you shouldn’t be too upset about the main cam’s downgrade.


<Source: GSM Arena>

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