Deal Alert: Sprint Galaxy S4 and AT&T HTC One Going for $130 via Amazon

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Samsung Galaxy S4-HTC OneMost hardcore tech aficionados nowadays probably don’t need incentive bonuses or special treats to go for the Android titans – Samsung’s Galaxy S4 or HTC’s One. But if for some reason you’re still on the fence about buying one of the two, Amazon will likely seal the deal with its latest price cuts.

Both beasts go for $129.99 nowadays via the online retailer, which is a whopping 70 bucks off their list prices. Naturally, to qualify for the deals you’ll have to pen a two-year contract with Sprint (the GS4) or AT&T (the HTC One).

Still, you can’t possibly complain about these promos, especially when thinking the S4 and One are out and about for mere weeks in America. As for the offers’ specifics, keep in mind that the HTC One comes with 32 GB of on-board storage and is still $200 via AT&T.

Furthermore, kudos to Amazon for making the slashed price valid for both new and upgrading customers, which is unfortunately not what we can say about the Sprint GS4, available for $130 only for first-time customers of the carrier.

Oh, and one last thing – Sprint has a little promo going too, so if you choose to deal with the network directly you’ll be able to purchase the Galaxy S4 for $150 if you bring your number to the carrier on a new service line. Not as lucrative as Amazon’s special offer, but still a fairly nice deal.


<Source: Android Police>

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