SNAPJAW Lets You Share Thoughts With Other Drivers

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snapjaw logoSNAPJAW LLC, a social telematics company, has announced SNAPJAW, the world’s first interactive digital bumper sticker that enables drivers and passengers to communicate socially and extend their personal identity on the road.

Currently up on Kickstarter seeking funding, SNAPJAW features a simple concept; Express yourself easily and frequently to other drivers around you.

snapjaw in progressI know. It sounds like it’s a recipe to instigate and antagonize other drivers on the road, but the creator had a different vision.

“I saw a car in front of me with a San Francisco Giants license plate frame,” said Panelli. “I thought to myself, ‘Great, I love the Giants too! But it’s December and baseball season has been over for two months. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy and convenient way to change the message to ‘Go 49ers’ or ‘Go Warriors’ or something else more appropriate for the season?’”

SNAPJAW seamlessly mounts behind a user’s license plate. Once installed, the user completes a very simple process to pair the user’s mobile phone with the user’s SNAPJAW.

Cars can be an extension of a person’s identity, and SNAPJAW is the simplest way to broadcast what you want, when you want on the road.

For more information to to back the project, visit the SNAPJAW Kickstarter page. You can also test to see how text will look at the SNAPJAW website.



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