K-TOR Pocket Socket 2, Human Energy Generation for Devices

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K-Tor LogoK-TOR, LLC, designer and manufacturer of portable power generators, recently announced the release of their second-generation Pocket Socket hand crank generator, the Pocket Socket 2.

This affordable human powered generator features a standard outlet interface, which provides backup energy and emergency power to a wide range of electronic devices.

K-Tor Pocket Socket 2 compactThe patented technology inside the Pocket Socket 2 and all K-TOR portable generators enable the efficient conversion of human energy into a 120 Volt power source.

The Pocket Socket 2 can charge smartphones, tablets, GPS equipment, handheld radios, digital cameras, medical equipment and much more.

From the jungles of the Amazon to the street of New York City the Pocket Socket 2 supplies critical power to electronic devices when they need it most.

“The Pocket Socket has been a successful product for K-TOR,” comments K-TOR founder Ken Torino, “We have customers all over the world using our hand crank generator in a wide range of environments and it’s been fascinating to witness the places our products have been and the purposes they’ve served.”

The new unit incorporates the learning from long term testing and customer feedback since the launch of the original K-TOR Pocket Socket.

The Pocket Socket 2 retails for $64.95 online and is available online at



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