Supposed Google X Phone Version for Sprint (AKA Motorola XT1056) Gets FCC Certified

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sprint-motorola-x-phoneAlthough the rumor bonanza from the past few months seemed to be leading up to an X Phone intro during Google’s I/O conference last week, the search giant decided to let us stew a little more. Some even started to think the X was never real, although the evidence is crystal clear.

And I’m not even referring to those “leaked” benchmarks and reports emerging from confidential sources, all of which could have been easily faked. Instead, I’m thinking first and foremost at the FCC certification of the Motorola XT1058, thought to be the AT&T-destined X.

As for the mythical phone’s Sprint version, that’s just now been spotted making its mandatory FCC visit as well, carrying the somewhat familiar XT1056 model number. As usual, FCC’s internal docs don’t reveal a whole lot about the gadget’s specific specs, aside from NFC support, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, HSPA+ and LTE.

But at least this proves (again) the Motorola X, or Google X, or XFon, or X Phone is real and headed our way, which can only be filed under good news. Now, can someone please tell us exactly what to expect from this thing? Will it be a high-end device after all? Upper mid-range? Mid-end and super-affordable?

Via [Engadget]

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