Sony Xperia ZR Priced at €480 in Netherlands, Also Coming to Belgium, Denmark and Sweden

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Sony Xperia ZRFollowing the Xperia Z and ZL unveilings from back January, Sony has introduced the SP, ZR, A and UL, making it nearly impossible for the regular Joe to distinguish between so many mid-range, upper mid-range and high-end smartphones.

Fortunately, it appears that a few of these will have their launches restricted to certain countries or regions, so that should help avoid some of the confusion. For instance, we know the Xperia ZR is not headed to the UK, Germany or France, but it will find a place under the Android sun in European countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden.

The first of this group is now rumored to be getting the waterproof 4.55-incher “at some point during July”, with pricing set at €479. That’s roughly $620, which may sound like a lot for our American readers, but it’s fairly decent in Europe, given the higher-end Xperia Z goes for around €650, or $840.

Naturally, we expect to see the rest of the European countries follow the pricing suit of the Netherlands, although we wouldn’t be surprised to see a little variation too.

Finally, as a quick refresher, the ZR, unveiled last week, is essentially a trimmed down Z with a 720p display, slightly slower quad-core S4 Pro CPU, 8 GB of on-board storage, but also improved water protection.

Via [Xperia Blog]

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  • Phil

    July? I thought it will be released 2nd Quarter of this year? I can’t wait any longer, I’ll buy SP if that would take that long. :(