Rumor: Nokia Lumia EOS Coming July 9 with 41 MP Rear Camera

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Nokia-EOSWho’s ready for a quick new serving of Nokia “EOS” rumors? You know, the next member of the Lumia family that everyone expects to be the most impressive yet, at least in the imaging department.

Well, if you’re not fed up with essentially the same stories reported slightly differently by different “inside sources”, there’s a new “scoop” concerning the Lumia EOS. This comes from Mobile Geeks and is, of course, based on confidential insiders.

However, the newest little nugget revealed by this report is an alleged EOS release date – July 9. Rumor has it the thing is headed AT&T’s way in the States, but chances are the cameraphone will also see daylight outside the land of the free and home of the brave.

Oh, now I have your attention? Good, because Mobile Geeks has it on good authority the Lumia EOS will pack a 41 MP main snapper. That’s not news, but this may be – like on the PureView 808, users will be restricted to take higher-res photos than 34 megapixels. Bummer, but that should still leave you with the coolest cam ever to be fitted on a phone.

Sadly, the rest of the specs are still subject to controversy, with some sources claiming the EOS will copy the Lumia 920, 925 and 928, while others say the new guy will be the first ever Lumia to pack a quad-core SoC.


<Source: Mobile Geeks>

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