Facebook Phone or Facebook Flop? HTC First’s UK Release Has Been Canceled

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htc-firstHTC may have baptized its Facebook-centric phone the “First,” but there appears to be very slim chances of a “Second” ever reaching fruition. We heard just last week the HTC First was unable to gain a real foothold in the States, which drove AT&T to think about already ditching the handheld, but sadly (for HTC and FB), the 4.3-incher hasn’t gained much popularity outside of America either.

In fact, if we are to believe Mobile News, there’s even less demand for the thing in the UK. Which has reportedly forced Facebook to pull the plug on the First.

The device was supposed to start selling on British shores in the next couple of weeks, with pre-orders underway for a while, but rumor has it not one unit will be shipped and existent pre-orders will be refunded. Ouch!

Of course, none of this has been officially confirmed yet by HTC or Facebook, so you’ll have to take it with the proverbial pinch of salt for now. However, I have no doubt the whole story will gain credibility over the next couple of days, as it’s been double-checked already.

The good news is, if you’re so passionate about Zuckerberg’s social network, you can still download the Home launcher from Google Play and turn your device from a “normal” one into your own personal Facebook Phone. No idea why you’d do that, but who am I to argue with people’s fetishes?


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