Verizon Finally Starts Shipping Samsung Galaxy S4, Amazon Sells It For $180

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samsung-galaxy-s4It’s a paradox. Verizon is most of the times (unfashionably) late at high-profile US smartphone launches, but still tops its competition and remains number one in the wireless service provider ranks, with over 115 million customers.

The latest launch party Big Red failed to attend on time was that of the Samsung Galaxy S4, which has officially already hit 10 million units sold worldwide. The Full HD 5-incher is starting today finally available from America’s number one carrier, which sells it for the already traditional $199.99 with two-year contracts.

The “next big thing” has been available for Verizon pre-orders for a couple of weeks now, meaning you’ll likely have trouble scoring a GS4 in the next few days if you haven’t been an early adopter. But fret not, as you have a couple of decent alternatives too.

Like doing business with Amazon Wireless instead of dealing directly with Verizon. The online retailer may not be very swift in fulfilling your orders (you could wait up to a couple of weeks), but at least you can get it at a more lucrative price – $179.99 with the same customary 24-month agreement.

Remember, we’re talking about the 16 GB S4 here, the only version sold by Verizon at this time, available in black or white. The variant with 32 gigs of on-board memory can currently be had only via AT&T, the carrier that charges $250 with contracts for it.

Meanwhile, Sprint only has the 16 GB model too, but you can get that from Amazon for just $130. And finally, you can break free from contracts with T-Mobile’s help, by paying $150 upfront, plus 24 monthly payments of $20 each. So many good choices, right?


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