HTC One Surprisingly Hits 5 Million Sales Milestone Despite Component Shortages

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HTC-OneIt’s been a tough past couple of years for HTC, the company that was once widely regarded as Nokia’s successor to the smartphone throne, but that saw its sales numbers essentially dip fiscal quarter after quarter ever since the second half of 2011.

And 2013 didn’t debut any better for the Taiwanese, despite very strong initial word of mouth on the new flagship phone, the One. The splendid 4.7-incher hit numerous bumps on its way to the market, having its launch significantly crippled by component shortages.

And to make matters worse, the Facebook-centric HTC First seems to have bombed pretty hard, causing AT&T to consider pulling the plug in the US already, while UK has canceled the thing’s release altogether.

But good things come to those who wait, and God knows HTC’s executives have been waiting to put one in the win column for a long time. Well, they can definitely file this under wins – 5 million units of the HTC One have been sold worldwide.

The news is not official, but comes from a very reliable source (The Wall Street Journal), so it’s essentially set in stone. And granted, it’s definitely not as impressive as Samsung Galaxy S4’s milestone (10 million units sold in less than 30 days), but it’s something to possibly build a future on.

Remember, the One was initially supposed to enjoy a global launch in mid-March, but got delayed several times in numerous important markets, only launching in some mere weeks ago. On the whole, we can say the thing has been available for roughly two months, but if HTC can ramp up production, chances are they can improve the 2.5 million units sold per month rate in the near future.


<Source: Android Beat>

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