Samsung Galaxy S4 Developer Edition Landing on Verizon and AT&T Soon

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galaxy-s4-developer-editionOne of the greatest upsides of using Android-based hardware is the freedom and openness of the operating system, which theoretically lets you tinker with it at will.

Only many phone and tablet manufacturers go out of their way to shove “special” user interfaces and custom launchers down people’s throats and then lock the bootloaders, thus making software tweaking virtually impossible.

But that can’t stop the ever-growing independent dev community from cracking the bootloaders and then replace the devices’ on-board software with simpler, sleeker and more functional custom ROMs.

Then again, you might not want to go through all that trouble just so you can tinker with your phone’s software. So what do you do? Well, if you’re thinking of getting Samsung’s Galaxy S4 for instance, you can hold off for a little longer and go for the “developer edition”.

This is confirmed to land on Verizon and AT&T “soon”, but it’s likely not going to be subsidized by the two carriers. Instead, you’ll have to pay full retail, which will probably be around $650. For that money, you’ll be getting a version of the Full HD 5-incher with an unlocked bootloader out the box and 16 GB of storage.

Keep in mind this is not the Nexus-like Google edition of the S4, meaning there will still be Samsung’s TouchWiz UI on top of Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. But it can basically be the same thing as you can ditch all of those Sammy-specific tweaks yourself and get rid of the pre-loaded bloatware to leave Android “vanilla”. Intriguing, eh?


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