Google Play Music All Access Comes to iOS courtesy of gMusic

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gMusicNot too long ago, Google launched a brand new version of Google Music that includes key features from services such as Pandora and Spotify. Google Play Music All Access lets users stream every song from Google’s catalog for $9.99 a month. Song and entire albums can also be added to a user’s library and listened to offline. There’s also the option to create radio stations based on specific artists and songs. Until yesterday, only Android users could access all these features. Thanks to an update to gMusic, iOS users can partake in Google Play Music All Access as well. We took the app for a spin to see if this really is the perfect solution for iOS users.

So here’s the thing. Google Play Music All Access is functional from gMusic. Upon starting the app, you have to enter your Google credentials to access your library of music. If you have two-step verification turned on, you’ll need Google to generate an app-specific password in order to log in. Once that’s done, you’ll be on your way.

The first thing I noticed is how bloated my personal library was. Gmusic displays a number of albums in my library that I didn’t add. Those albums also only contain a single song. I’m assuming these songs were added based on my Google Play Music All Access radio station selections. Whatever the reason, I would like to see this issue addressed.

I tried searching for music next. Searching is initiated by clicking on the “web search” option. You can search for artists, albums or songs. Searching is fast and reliable. However, actually listening to music is a slightly different experience. There’s frequent popping during every song. It’s like each song is buffering and the playback can’t quite keep up. I haven’t had this issue with the official Google Music app or the desktop site. User reviews from the Apple App Store are experiencing the same issue. Even though the music doesn’t actually stop or pause, hearing those electronic pops is annoying.

Considering how fast the developer integrated Google Play Music All Access into gMusic, I’m optimistic these issues will be addressed in a future update. Should you spend $1.99 on this app? Well, until Google releases an official app, this is all we have. gMusic isn’t bad, and I wouldn’t consider it a waste of money. You’ll just have to put up with some annoyances until things get ironed out.

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