Apple iPad Mini 2 Could Cost As Less As $250, Release Date Still Hard To Guess

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iPad-Mini-2Not a week has gone by since the beginning of the year without hearing a new rumor about an upcoming Apple product, so with WWDC (Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference) right around the corner, it’s only logical for the rumor mill’s churning to considerably grow in intensity.

Just a couple of days back we’ve heard word of a crazy-sounding iPad Maxi supposedly prepped for an early 2014 launch and now we have a little something, something to add to the iPad Mini 2 puzzle.

The follow-up to the wildly successful 7.9-incher is unlikely to be unveiled at WWDC, but once it’ll be out it could cost just $249. That’s at least according to Citi Research’s Glen Yeung, although he seems to be making an assumption rather than basing this speculation on “sources”.

Nevertheless, this could be a pretty good guesstimate, but if it does prove spot-on, the rumors of the second-gen Mini sporting a Retina display are to be quashed. Remember, the fellow’s predecessor currently goes for $330 and up, so if Apple were to cut that price, chances are the production costs will be cut too, so don’t expect any major technical upgrades.

That’s not to say the iPad Mini 2 can’t be a hit regardless of its panel being “Retina” or not. After all, who can turn down a 250 bucks Apple product? Now, about that release date… Does anyone have some new scoop?


<Source: Cnet>

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  • Kablo Kanali

    My nephew is asking for the IPAD Mini but I am not sure if we need to wait for new or not…