Pocket Tripod, a 360-Degree Wallet-Sized iPhone Stand

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Pocket Tripod logoiPhone 4/4S and 5 users can rejoice. Everyone else can shed a little tear, because the Pocket Tripod won’t work with your smartphone.

Up on Kickstarter is an incredibly creative project called the Pocket Tripod, which is a 360 degree, pocket-sized iPhone stand.

It’s as thick as two credit cards stacked on one another. Pull it out from your wallet and transform it into a stand that can accommodate virtually any viewing angle you desire.

Unlike most other stands that have predetermined viewing angles, the Pocket Tripod is designed with a sliding hinge that rotates freely and holds position. Users can intuitively adjust the tilt angle along 90 degree sweeps.

Pocket Tripod whiteThe two halves can separate so the Tripod Stand works in portrait and landscape orientations.

The material is thin and flexible when flat, yet once the structure is set up it forms a rigid frame that is both sturdy and stable.

The only drawback is that non-iPhone users are out of luck. The project team picked the iPhone because of the consistency of the rectangular shape, which is necessary in order to have it work securely with no wiggle room.

Pocket Tripod limitedKickstarter backers can choose from white, black, and the limited edition version of the Pocket Tripod, which will only be for Kickstarter backers.

Additional details about how the Pocket Tripod works can be found at their site,

So visit the Pocket Tripod Kickstarter page and get yours!

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  • Rambod Radmard

    Dear Technology Tell. Thank you so much for this awesome article about our project! We really appreciate the support!!
    Just an update on that, if we reach our funding goal and the project is successful, we’re planning to expand the product line to support more popular devices in the future.

    Thank you!!