gMusic Developer Outlines Plans to Compete With Google

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gmusic-app-icon-ios-225x225gMusic is currently the best way to access your Google Music library and the new All Access content on an iOS device. The app costs $1.99 from the Apple App Store, and is stable and functional for the most part. However, gMusic’s glory days could be cut short thanks to Google. Google is going to release an official version of Google Music within the next few weeks. Naturally, it’s going to be difficult to convince new users to pay $1.99 for gMusic when they’ll be able to get the same thing from Google for free. We asked gMusic developer James Clancey about his plans for gMusic after Google becomes a competitor. 


“Of course I do believe I will take a major hit when Google releases their own app,” Clancey told us over email. “I do still plan on maintaining and updating gMusic unless Google prevents me from doing so.”

To combat Google, Clancey will need to rectify another glaring issue with gMusic. It doesn’t have the best looking user interface. Although the technical functionality is there, it can stand to be more user friendly and modern. Google will certainly present a decent UI, so gMusic is going to evolve.

“I am currently working with a UI designer to get a brand new UI for gMusic,” Clancey said. “I also have a 2 year head start on features. I feel confident that I can keep gMusic current and ahead of the curve as far as features go.”

Time will tell if a new UI will be able to keep gMusic the #1 Google Music app for iOS. It’s certainly not impossible for a third-party to make an app that’s superior to its official version. Before gMusic can get to that stage, it has to be granted a pass from Google. As of right now, that’s the biggest roadblock this app faces.

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