Tylt PowerPlant, On-the-Go Battery Charging for MicroUSB and 30-Pin or Lightning iOS Gadgets

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TYLT-PowerPlant-30pin-ArmOut-3qJust before I left for vacation, the folks at Tylt sent me a couple of charging gadgets to try out. The timing was good, and I used them both during the trip. I’ll start with the PowerPlant.

It’s a solid device, and I felt comfortable taking it with me. All folded up, it’s easy to toss into a bag. It charges with a standard micro-USB cord, so no need to pack an extra cord. It does take about half a day to charge using an iPhone wall block. I probably should have used the iPad block instead.

With a 5200 mAh battery, it’s got some serious juice. One one charge, I used it to bring my iPhone from just under half to full, twice, and I still had enough juice to top off my iPad by about 20%. Not bad. It’s much longer lasting than the Mophie device I reviewed back in April.

As you can see, while it’s thicker than the Mophie, it’s still a compact device.

Mophie vs. Tylt

One thing I particularly liked was the 30 pin connector that pops out the side. Tylt sells them with micro-USB and Lighting as well. The angle was just about perfect for plugging into my iPhone, although I needed a cable to plug in my iPad. It was nice to charge it without hunting through the camper for my iPhone cable.

It says it will charge two devices at one time, though I never had a need to try that.

My one gripe, and it’s small, is that I couldn’t ever remember where the lights were to show how much charge I had left. Since the whole device is pretty much a featureless block, it was hard to remember which side the lights were one, and I would usually turn it several times before I found it. Maybe it’s just me.

All in all, it’s a good portable battery that works for all my devices. I’m sure I’ll get plenty of use out it while traveling this summer.

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