Alleged BlackBerry Z5 Photo Hints at Slightly Downgraded Z10

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BlackBerry Z5Met with lukewarm support by old BB fans and complete disregard by enthusiasts of other mobile platforms, RIM’s rebranding as BlackBerry and the rolling out of the first BB10-powered devices doesn’t seem to have worked as planned.

Which is why Thorsten Heins and his gang appear to have now set their sights on emerging markets and the low-end smartphone niche in general. Step one – the Q5, which is essentially a downsized Q10, has been made official last month and should see daylight soon enough.

Step two – rumor has it a Z5 is also in the works, being for the Z10 what the Q5 is for the Q10. Specifically, a smaller “brother”, but not in actual size, as the Z5 is expected to sport the same 4.2-inch display as the Z10.

Instead, a few corners are said to be cut when it comes to Z5’s guts, though for now it’s unclear what kind of sacrifices future adopters will be asked to make. I’m guessing there will only be 1 gig of RAM beneath the hood, probably a lower-clocked dual-core CPU, a primary 5 MP camera and just 8 GB of storage.

In terms of appearance, the two will be very similar, but that’s not necessarily a good thing, since the Z5 could pack a smaller battery than the Z10 while being just as chunky. Sorry, BlackBerry, but it’s unlikely this fellow will save your sinking ship.


<Source: Phone Arena>

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