To-Do List App Any.Do Has a New Look, Expands into Calendar, Email and Notes

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0 calendar appIf you’re an avid Any.Do Android or iOS user, you may have noticed the app is seeing some aesthetic changes. The brand’s website has a fun new look and both mobile apps are getting visual updates as well. You may also notice on Any.Do’s homepage a brief teaser that a new product is on it’s way, “We’re about to launch a new way to manage your day. Be the first to know when it’s available.”

It seems The Verge has already revealed what Any.Do has up its sleeve–calendar, email and notes! The first to be released this summer is Cal, the calendar app. Users can see a sneak peek of Cal and sign up for its beta release with your email address. Simply click on the Cal preview icon from your mobile device to sign up.

According to The Verge, its best features are in the event details. The app allows you to associate tasks, people, locations and notes with events, and has some fun animations. The main concern so far with the app is that you can’t add events while offline, however there are high hopes that Any.Do will add this feature before the official launch.

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