Mystery ZTE Mustang for AT&T Gets Pictured, No Specs Revealed Yet

zte-mustangA new day, a new @evleaks scoop. Well, to be honest, the notorious Twitter user/serial leaker has hit kind of a dry spell of late, but is now back with a vengeance. And a Mustang. A ZTE Mustang, to be specific, which is apparently the rumored name of a future AT&T smartphone.

Sadly, that and a press photo are the only things known for sure about this Mustang. There are no specs or features to go with the “leak”, but that only means the sky is the limit to our imagination.

We can for instance hope the Mustang will be some sort of regional version of the splendid Grand X Quad, unveiled in Asia a while back and still unreleased anywhere in the world. Realistically speaking though, the Mustang is likely a mid-range copy of that 5-incher with a close to stock Android Jelly Bean experience and budget-friendly price point.

Sure, that’s not too bad either, but it remains to be seen if AT&T and ZTE can hit the right spot when it comes to quality-price ratio.


<Source: Twitter>

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