Need to Charge Up? TekPower by BTI Has Got You Covered

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tekpowertrioWhen it comes to charging your handheld device, there are a lot of places to look. Of course, you can stick with your proprietary providers, i.e. grab a replacement Lightning cable from a local Apple store or pick up a new microUSB cable from a telecom store for your Android device. Instead of that, why not get your battery charging gear from a trusted company who has been in the business for 20 years (before your iPhone was even conceived) like BTI with their new TekPower product line?

So, first up we have their Universal USB Charging Trio. Nicely designed, it’s your all-in-one solution for charging nearly all of your handsets from recent years (sans Apple Lightning users, but keep reading — they’ve got something for you too.) It comes with a wall charging and a car charging adapter, each with a USB port. From there, insert TekPower’s unique USB cable and fill ‘er up.

The magic here is really in the company’s interestingly adaptable power cable. It’s a standard USB cable, male on one end and microUSB male on the other. For those who have iPhone 4S and prior, just slip on the TekPower 30-pin Apple connection on top of the microUSB jack to juice up your device. For Android users like myself, this cable is handy for my iPhone friends who often visit my house and need a top-off.tekpowerLight

tekpoweruniNow if the iPhone 5 or latest iPad/iPad minis are your choice gadgets,  the TekPower USB AC Charge & Sync with Lightning Connector power adaptor. Pretty standard, you know the drill. The wall wart part has a female USB port, which the included USB Lightning cable plugs into. Again, it’s universal in some ways; as any USB-powered device can gain charge via the power outlet adaptor.

Bonus: lastly, thanks to a partnership with Symantec, the anti-virus company, all products purchased from TekPower come with a free special offer of Norton Hotspot Privacy application. This software will protect your mobile device from having personal passwords and login information stolen via a shared Wi-Fi signal. It encrypts your personal data so that nobody on the same network can access your device’s information.

BTI also sells each of the TekPower components separately on their website, along with their full catalog of laptop batteries, laptops, camera, GPS devices and more. See them all here,

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