Duracell Powermat, Wirelessly Charge iPhone 5, Galaxy S3

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Duracell powermat logoHate wires? Me too. With the way we carry our portable gadgets, smartphones, and tablets with us, it only makes sense that we should be able to sever the tether when charging, right?

Duracell thinks so.

Available now for the Apple iPhone 5, Apple iPhone 4/4S, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the Duracell Powermat Wireless Charging Solution.

There are multiple parts that make up the charging solution. The AccessCase is the wireless charging case for your device. It preps your smartphone to receive wireless charging either from the SnapBattery or any Duracell Powermat charging surface.

Duracell-iphone-5-powermatThe SnapBattery is what it sounds like. The battery snaps to the back of the case and effectively doubles your power.

Then there is the Powermat. Simply place your device on it and let it charge. Shown in the photo is the Duracell TravelMat, which is both a high-capacity battery as well as a charging mat for your smartphone.

The TravelMat is powerful enough to charge your phone as well as other devices through the USB port, even your tablet.

You’ll notice Duracell’s trademark look on all of the pieces.

The downside? The whole system is a bit steep compared to alternatives, but it does offer a complete package that is versatile.

Visit for full pricing and information.



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  • Michael

    I have a Samsung s3, and just carry a spare battery around with me in my bag. job done

  • Rose

    Me to Micheal… OK I carry 2 lol

  • Radek

    I have a Galaxy SIII. I use a Mophie case. It is awesome. In addition, I have a small solar cell that fills in when needed. No problems at all.

  • Giri

    Yes I have a 12000 mah portable power bank. Good for 4 complete 100% charges of my Samsung GS3. Job done :)

  • James Robinson

    Will this wireless powermat suit a Galaxy Nexus ??

  • luke


  • Lawrence M

    I have the zero lemon 7000 mah and it’s great

  • http://gadgetech fern

    I use the Zerolemon 4400 megahertz I think it was 15 bucks !